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Our Business Philosophy

The Center for Family-Owned Business works with you and your family business through a well-proven planning process. This results in decision making which will position your enterprise to address your family’s future. You will continue with the services of your trusted professionals and advisors who have assisted in guiding your business and family through the years. Our team which is highly skilled in business transfer will work with your advisors as our process unfolds.

Our approach embraces all of the family and business. Our recommendations integrate business issues, management and development concerns, family relationships, wealth preservation, personal values, and life purpose. Our mission has been built upon a paradigm shift from the drive for success to that of significance. This parallels our belief that everyone is created with the need to live a life of meaning, purpose, and significance.

The shocking reality is that only 30% of family businesses survive to the second generation. And only 10% of those survive to a third generation. The conflicting demands of business, family, and ownership often lead to serious family problems. Leaving a lasting legacy and achieving personal peace is a goal that the Center for Family-Owned Business can help you attain.

The Center for Family-Owned Business designs and implements solutions to define, preserve, and perpetuate,the significant resources of your family and business to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.
A family owned firm includes the family, the ownership, and the business. Our approach balances these areas by integrating individual life purpose, family vision, and business mission to build a lasting legacy.
Leading and managing a family business is a demanding and complex task. Our objective is to assist you in meeting challenges brought on by constant changes in marketplace, technology,employment, and family.